Taking a Hiatus

Well, the cat’s out of the bag: We are moving to China!

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Pabalik Sa’yo

I’ve had this draft sitting idle on my blog dashboard ever since I came back from the Philippines. It’s been about three weeks since I got back. To try to summarize my thoughts and feelings about my recent trip back home seems quite silly to me to some extent. All I can say is I’ve had the most amazing time with my family and friends, I’ve made memories with them that I will treasure in my heart forever, and leaving home doesn’t get easier.


90-Day Fiancé AKA What a Shitty Reality Show

While flipping through the channels one day I came across this show on TLC called 90-Day Fiancé. It piqued my interest because I assumed it’s got something to do with the K1 Fiancé Visa application process.

It didn’t take me long to deduce that this show is absolute garbage. It does tackle the Fiancé Visa process, but this program is just about as real as any other “reality” show on TV right now. The lines are obviously scripted for drama, the situations are simplified to the point of being plain false, and overall, it gives an entirely wrong idea about long distance relationships and the whole visa application ordeal (not just the K1).

I’m a beneficiary of a K1 Visa, and it took a whole entire year for Joel and me to go through this process. It was an extremely trying and expensive undertaking. To see these “couples” use the visa as a trial period while loving couples wait ridiculous amounts of time to get one and be with their significant other makes me mad. The K1 VIsa is supposed to be for engaged couples to be together in the US and marry, not “try out a life together to see if it works.”