Pretzel Bites with Queso Dip

On a recent trip, Joel and I saw an Auntie Anne’s at the airport. Naturally, that made us crave some delicious pretzel bites. ┬áNot wanting to pay for overpriced ones from Auntie Anne’s, we made it a point to try to replicate those little bites of heaven in our own kitchen. That finally happened this weekend, and thus here’s the finished product: Continue reading

Browned Butter Blondie Bars

This weekend as a baking kitchen venture, I decided to make some browned butter blondie bars. I randomly found a recipe online while I was browsing for some easy desserts to bake so Joel and I can nibble on something sweet while we watch The Great British Bake Off.Making these was a first for me. There was a bit of a mishap, but not on the taste – as Joel and our nieces – who are staying over for Spring Break – can attest.

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