Bento Baon: Mugen the Siberian Husky

First off, I didn’t mean to go on a half a year-long hiatus from this blog. Moving to a foreign country is challenging enough as it is, and unfortunately, we faced an even tougher challenge when we discovered that our dog, Mugen’s health was compromised.

To make a long story short: Mugen has been back on his feet for the past couple of weeks. After being back and forth to the vet for four months – always worrying and trying to make sure he makes it through another day – I’m happy to say that he is better now, and my only wish is for him to be happy and healthy from here on out.


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Bento Baon: First Bento in China

I have made numerous panda-themed bento ever since I started this whole character bento venture. Not only are pandas one of my most favorite animals, I am also now living in the land of pandas! Thus, I thought it’s only fitting to create another panda-centric charaben as my first one in China. 🙂 Continue reading

Bento Baon: (Always) Busy Bees

Bees have always been fascinating to me. I remember watching a bee documentary (I forget the name), where I learned that their brains defy time; aging in reverse, leading scientists to believe that this might help us slow the onset of dementia.

Anyway, I have done a few bee-inspired bentos in the past: (1 and 2). I did one again this time to add to that collection. 🙂

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