Bento Baon: (Always) Busy Bees

Bees have always been fascinating to me. I remember watching a bee documentary (I forget the name), where I learned that their brains defy time; aging in reverse, leading scientists to believe that this might help us slow the onset of dementia.

Anyway, I have done a few bee-inspired bentos in the past: (1 and 2). I did one again this time to add to that collection. đŸ™‚

I used the yolk part of a soft-boiled egg to give the rice a yellow hue. The “bees” are also resting on an onigiri. I finished it with nori for the eyes and stripes.

The other items in my bento are hotdogs, spinach salad with bacon and corn, ham, broccoli, and some riced cauliflower at the bottom.


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