Bento Baon: Toad from Super Mario Bros.

Following my previous Goomba Bento, here’s another character from the Super Mario Bros. Universe.

It’s Toad!

This is another reminder that I still need to beat Paper Mario. To be honest, I haven’t made a conscious effort to do that =/; I just have been having too much fun playing Stardew Valley by myself and Overcooked and Yoshi’s Woolly World with Joel; all very fun games! So many games, so little [free] time.

In other news, this egg makes me super happy lol. I boiled it just the right length of time (I believe about seven minutes then an ice bath for about 15) to get the yolk consistency I like.

The egg is resting over some potatoes and carrots cooked in tomato sauce. There’s also some broccoli and chicken and bell pepper stir-fry in my bento.


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