Bento Baon: Hamtaro

I am behind in publishing my bento blog posts! No matter, it’s fun to remember the cuteness that was my Hamtaro bento that I prepared last week. Making a Hamtaro-inspired bento had been in my bento queue for the longest time, and I’m happy to have finally created it! I used to love watching Hamtaro when I was little. The show, dubbed in Filipino, was on on weekday mornings, and at one point, I made sure to catch it before  I had to leave for school. What’s not to love about a group of adorable, tiny hamsters embarking on big adventures?It was a bit of a challenge making its mouth; I even had to employ Joel’s help, but I think we pulled it off. If I do a Hamtaro bento again, I might use ketchup instead of soy sauce to color the top part of its head.

The side dishes in my bento include: homemade burger patty (leftover gyoza filling) with a star-shaped cheddar cheese for added decor, ham, egg, and stir-fried green bell peppers and carrots. 






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