Bento Baon: Oh Look a Kiwi…

… in my bento.

I made sure the kiwi wasn’t touching the other food items in my bento by using some lettice and little cupcake wrappers as dividers; it worked out quite well. I believe this is the first time I packed a fruit in my bento. Whenever I would bring like an apple or some blueberries for lunch, they’re always either in the top tier of my bento or in a separate container. The kiwi in my bento this time works quite well since I didn’t have other side dishes to fill the space with.

The other items in my bento are hosomaki, hard-boiled egg, leftover pork adobo with potatoes, some shredded carrots with corn, and a snap pea that I was finally able to cut open properly without losing the pods lol. 


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