Rilakkuma Inarizushi

I was finally able to find inari in a can hurrah! Whenever I would swing by my local Asian store there was never any of these delicious yet elusive tofu pockets (or maybe I just didn’t know where to look). I love this stuff ever since I saw it from the anime, Gourmet Girl Graffiti.  I made use of these little tofu pockets by preparing some Rilakkuma inarizushi.It doesn’t look super appetizing inside, but these are definitely delicious – especially paired with sushi rice that you stuff inside. I think I counted about 15 skins in the can. Take out the tofu pouches very carefully. Once you get them all out, peel open the cut-side of the tofu pockets, again, very carefully, as they are quite fragile. To make the Rilakkuma inarizushi, I put about a teaspoon of rice in the bottom ends of the tofu pocket for Rilakkuma’s ears. I then stuffed the inside with more sushi rice that I shaped into a barrel. Sushi rice is just short-grained rice seasoned with rice vinegar. It pairs nicely with the sweet taste of the inari.I used cheese and nori to complete the face of Rilakkunama. And since I did two versions of Rilakkuma, I made their expressions different from each other.I saved the liquid from the inari can and put the rest of the tofu pouches to sit in it while tucked away in a tupperware inside the fridge. I can’t way to make more inarizushi!



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