Bento Baon: Boy and Girl (Children’s Day)

Today’s Children’s Day-inspired bento features a little boy wearing a samurai hat and a little girl with a cute little top knot, with of course, a koinobori. This is the second post in my series of Children’s Day-inspired bento; the first one can be found here.

The boy and girl faces are made out of Spam, finished with nori for the faces.I have got to admit that assembling the faces was rather difficult; the nori wasn’t really sticking to the Spam, and it was challenging to make everything look put together. I also had a little issue making the samurai hat, but I’m glad I got it to look somewhat decently. The koinobori are made out of Chinese sausage, which is tasty. I used a green toothpick for the pole and corn kernel to cover the top end of it. There are also some kalabasa (kabocha) and tamagoyaki in my bento. 


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