Blueberry Calamansi Muffin Bread

I’m not a big baker, but as much as I just want to make the best banana bread I have ever made on a weekly basis, I decided to branch out a bit this weekend. I attempted to make a blueberry calamansi muffin bread with calamansi frosting instead.Calamansi is a citrus fruit native to the Philippines. The blueberry muffin bread recipe I found from Eat Cake for Dinner (I totally would eat cake for dinner by the way, haha) originally called for orange, but I decided to use calamansi instead. Also, I know blueberry and lemon go really well together, so I thought another citrusy fruit in the form of calamansi should work just as good.

And it did!I also used part white whole wheat flour and part all-purpose flour, so this bread is fairly lesser in calories.Banana bread is still at the top on the list of my favorite quick breads to make, but this blueberry bread is quite good. When I make it again though I’ll have to up the amount of yogurt; I don’t think I put in enough, oops.


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