Bento Baon: Not Sure if Lion or a Dog With a Blonde Afro

I feel as though I should have inserted a Futurama Fry meme here. It’s because I’m not exactly sure if my bento for today features a lion or a dog wearing a blonde afro. Haha oh well, you be the judge.Initially, I set out to make a lion bento – with a glorious yellow mane and whiskers and everything. But now looking at it, the supposed glorious mane of my ferocious lion looks more like a blonde wig on a dog haha – which looks rather silly – absolutely the opposite of “ferocious”  haha.Either way, my bento makes me excited. It has some cripsy adobo flakes, which is Filipino pork adobo that I shredded (kind of like pulled pork) and fried until crispy. It’s delicious and the adobo flavors really come through. It also has some scrambled eggs. And as far as I’m concerned, eggs – however way you prepare it – just make any dish better. 🙂

The adobo flakes and the scrambled eggs are resting on a bed of adobo rice, which is leftover rice that I fried in the remaining adobo sauce.  It’s going to be delicious! The bottom part of my bento consists of roasted peppers, radishes, cauliflower, and some deli-style turkey that I rolled to form a flower. Happy Wednesday!




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