Bento Baon: Happy Hinamatsuri!

It’s March 3rd on this side of the globe. And in Japan, that means it’s Hinamatsuri or Girls’ Day! Although I’m not Japanese, my bento-making hobby has made me come to appreciate the Japanese culture. And Hinamatsuri is definitely something I can get on board with. An annual festival, it’s a day to celebrate girls and wish for their happiness and good health.

I’m happy to say that I have made several Hinamatsuri-themed bento throughout this week (Bento #1, Bento #2, Bento #3). To cap it off and to commemorate Hinamatsuri Day, I prepared another Hinamatsuri-themed bento; this time featuring a pair of little onigiri Japanese emperor and empress chickens.img_20170302_234733The onigiri emperor chicken is wrapped in a thin strip of scallion and nori while the onigiri empress chicken is wrapped in cheese and salami. I finished the face details with black sesame seeds for the eyes, ketchup for the cheeks, and corn kernels for the beak. img_20170302_234535The side dishes include: stir-fried chicken and shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts with carrots and red bell pepper, radishes, and some broccoli with cheese slices.  img_20170302_234540Happy Hinamatsuri and Happy Friday! Sending good thoughts to all the little girls – and boys – around the globe. ❤img_20170302_234526


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