Bento Baon: Miffy Wears a Kimono

Hey would you look at that – another Hinamatsuri-themed bento. This time, it’s Miffy wearing a kimono.img_20170301_215702To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Miffy until I started getting into bento making and seeing this cute, little bunny in  a lot of bento creations. I thought all along that she was a Sanrio character (same with Hello Kitty);  I have since learned that she’s created by a Dutch artist, Dick Bruna, who had recently passed away.

Quite similar to the Hello Kitty Hinamatsuri-themed bento I made yesterday, I used deli meat and the red part of imitation crab meat to make the kimono for this Miffy bento. To add some contrast and for a bit more decoration, I also used pieces of a thin omelette sheet and black sesame seeds.img_20170301_215714I miscalculated how big the shapes of the ears and face should be, so the ears are sticking out of the bento box. I had to put the ear parts in the top tier of my bento (which I normally don’t use) when I packed my lunchbox away. img_20170301_215725As a side dish, I made some pinakbet, which is a Filipino vegetable dish cooked with bagoong (shrimp paste); absolutely one of my favorites. It’s got some kalabasa (kabocha), sitaw (Asian long beans), tomatoes, and okra. I wish I had some eggplants and shrimp and pork belly pieces to put in it, but oh well – it’s still tasty nonetheless.  Here’s a bonus shot of it. img_20170301_180002


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