Bento Baon: Hello Kitty as a Japanese Empress

Today’s bento is another Hinamatsuri-themed one featuring Hello Kitty as a Japanese empress donning a pretty pink kimono. img_20170228_223644I don’t believe I have ever been a huge Hello Kitty fan. She is undeniably a popular pop culture icon for girls (and women) across the globe though. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making a Hello Kitty themed bento (since she’s a well-loved character), and what better way to realize that than in observance of Hinamatsuri or Girls’ Day Festival.img_20170228_223929This has got to be my most elaborate kyaraben yet; I was a bit nervous preparing this one because I didn’t want to mess up and have had all my efforts wasted – especially since I was resolving not making a kyaraben altogether last night.

I opted for a simple kimono made out of salami and deli meat for my bento. I used the red part of a stick of imitation crab meat to make the waist band and further defined the clothing with a thin stalk of scallion. I then decorated the kimono with sesame seeds that I arranged to form little flowers.img_20170228_223535Overall, I’m relieved I didn’t mess up, and I’m happy with how this Hello Kitty bento turned out. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Hello Kitty as a Japanese Empress

      1. Ah, thanks, that explains why I didn’t recognise it. We never eat okra, I would recognise it when I see it in the supermarket but somehow never gotten around to actually trying it. I read somewhere it can be slimy which did put me off but maybe I am mistaken and should just buy it and try it out.

      2. Not a problem! And yes, it can get slimy and stringy, but give it a try! It pairs well with eggplant, tomatoes, and kabocha. There’s a Filipino dish called “pinakbet” that combines all those vegetables – it’s delicious! 🙂

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