Bento Baon: Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day Festival)

Hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day, is an annual festival in Japan celebrated on March 3rd. Although I am not Japanese, I have come to appreciate Japan’s beautiful culture (as evident from my bento hobby), and it always gets me excited to learn about things like this. This festival, albeit not a national holiday, is widely observed by the Japanese; it’s a day to celebrate women and wish for their happiness and good health, which I think is really neat.

I noticed that other bento makers prepare a set of Japanese emperor and empress characters in their bento to commemorate the festival. Thus, here’s my attempt at a hanamatsuri-themed bento with my own versions of a Japanese emperor and empress made out of onigiri. img_20170227_201502This bento was surprisingly fairly easy to put together. I didn’t have to cook anything since all the food items I needed are either already prepped or cooked. The only slight difficulty I encountered was wrapping the emperor onigiri in lettuce. I have seen other bentos wherein a thin slice of (I think) cucumber was used as a kimono for the emperor; I wanted to use something green so I used lettuce instead. Thankfully I still managed to piece it together. As for the empress onigiri, I simply wrapped it in turkey deli meat, which was already pink tinged. img_20170227_201525I used some radishes that I thinly sliced to use as fillers as well as some broccoli and the deli meat scraps that I rolled to form little flowers. I also tried my hand at making a radish flower that I put in the center of my bento, which I thought came out quite good.

Overall, I had a lot of fun making this bento, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I might explore some more hanamatsuri-themed bento and make a number of attempts at it as we lead up to the actual festival day on March 3rd. Also, how is it March already?! Not until tomorrow, but still! Time flies. img_20170227_201714




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