Bento Baon: Three Little Pigs

Today’s bento features three little piggies.img_20170220_224213This kyaraben is not rice-centric, which I am pleased with. I am trying to get more creative in preparing decorative bentos that use little to no rice (since I am cutting back on it.) Usually when I make kyarabens (or character bento), I have to consider rice as the focal point and what I am going to make or decorate it as. I aim to find more ways to still make fun, decorative bentos without incorporating too much rice.

The pigs are made out of little sausages (or “lil’ smokies” as what they call it in the US). It’s the cheddar and jalapeño kind, which really packs some heat. They are on a bed of leftover salmon and fried cauliflower rice. img_20170220_224153I am also really pleased with how my boiled egg turned out. I’ve been experimenting with cooking times, and nine minutes (which is how long I boiled the eggs this time), is just perfect for this yolk consistency. img_20170220_224157The other contents of my bento are some shimeji mushrooms, turkey deli meat, baked chicken thighs, and broccoli. img_20170220_224136


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