Bento Baon: Whack-a-Mole

I’m trying to deviate from onigiris being the main feature in my bento just to mix it up a little. So for today’s bento, it’s a bunch of moles that you just want to whack!img_20170215_211258I really wanted to use some of the little jalapeno and cheddar sausages I got in my bento, so I opted to make some “mole” sausages. Although they aren’t the cutest, I tried to make them appear somewhat adorable.img_20170215_211012I kind of like how they’re just sticking out of the rice/beef soboro mixture that is supposed to look like earth; underneath the rice is actually riced cauliflower.

The other items in my bento are renkon (lotus root), red bell peppers, shredded carrots, soft-boiled egg, and some broccoli.img_20170215_211043Joel’s lunch has the same foods as mine, except there are no sausages (he’s not a fan), and I added some braised tofu in his simple bento.img_20170215_211135



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