Bento Baon: Happy Valentine’s Day

I made a Valentine’s Day-themed bento to commemorate this marketing-driven, made up holiday lol. img_20170213_203652I don’t mean to be a Valentine’s Day scrooge. I think the main reason that people scoff at it nowadays, myself included, is how artificial and manufactured it has become. However, if people enjoy it and make good use of it, then more power to them. It’s just as easy to ignore as it is to celebrate for me and Joel. As for V-Day plans, it’s going to be take-out and movie night with some pizza (and garlic knots!!) and a rewatch of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (because that movie is freakin’ awesome and we already couldn’t wait to watch it) after work and the gym. 🙂

I’m going to go off on a Valentine’s Day tangent here, so please bear with me. You don’t have to give in to the commercialization of V-day to make it special for your significant other. Don’t buy overpriced flowers, don’t buy a sappy card, and don’t go out for an overpriced fixed menu dinner. And please for the love of God do everyone a favor and avoid plastering every minute detail of your Valentine’s Day all over social media. Do something simple and special at home that you know your partner will appreciate. There are so many imaginative ways you can express your love without spending a lot of money. Make it a night of renewing your love and intimacy. Also, if you only dedicate one day a year to be romantic and affectionate to your partner, then you are doing it all wrong. img_20170213_203615Back to bento talks, today’s bento has the following food items: stir-fried lotus root (renkon), cauliflower rice and bean sprouts underneath the cat onigiri, adobong sitaw (Asian long beans) with chicken, heart-shaped TJ hotdog, heart-shaped tamagoyaki, and some broccoli and carrots. img_20170213_203610Joel’s bento is not as decorative, but I gave him extra tamagoyaki, so that makes up for it haha.img_20170213_204204





2 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. That cat is so cute! Love your bento ideas and this one is definitely a new fave. Also I’m totally with you on the hype that is Valentine’s Day! I’m definitely in favour of having an excuse to enjoy the sentiment and to celebrate love and romance, but I prefer to try to be more thoughtful/creative rather than going to a crowded restaurant or buying a cheesy card. An M&S near me have moved their lingerie section next to the entrance as their Valentine’s display – not sure I’m comfortable with that message! Anyway, Happy Valentine’s day and here’s to valuing each other all year round!!

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