Bento Baon: Panda on a Floaty

Whenever I hit a bento block (which is the equivalent of mental block for me when it comes to making bentos), I always resort to featuring a panda onigiri of some sort as the main “attraction” of my bento box.

Today’s bento has a panda onigiri chilling on a floaty.img_20170208_225037

Don’t let the little panda’s sad expression fool you – it didn’t mirror my disposition as I was preparing this bento. I actually ended the day preparing this bento after receiving the good news of me passing the US citizenship exam and interview, so overall it was a joyous day. I’m so glad and relieved to be at the final leg of my immigration journey.img_20170208_225203The floaty onigiri is resting on a  bed of enoki mushrooms and riced cauliflower. I also mixed it a little bit of ketchup with the rice to achieve a slightly pink-ish hue. The other items in my bento are green onion tamagoyaki, sauteed chayote and carrots topped with black and white sesame seeds and chopped up baby corn, and cheddar and jalapeño little smokies.img_20170208_225231Joel’s lunch has the same food items as mine, but with some okra and green beans rolled in pork and some soy sauce-braised tofu. img_20170208_225357


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