Bento Baon: Sanshoku Piggy

Today’s bento is a version of sanshoku (tricolor) kyaraben featuring a little piggy.img_20170129_200048The sanshoku (three colors) part includes: 1) wilted spinach; 2) baby corn; and 3) soboro beef. I also put in some cubed carrots and tofu for added substance.

The pig is made out of cut-up ham. It’s not sliced as neatly as I would have preferred because the deli meat I got was quite thin. I finished the pig’s face with some nori for the eyes, black sesame seeds for the nostrils, and ketchup for the cheeks. img_20170129_200014Oh and this is a rice-less bento! The ground beef is sitting on a bed of riced cauliflower that I pan fried and seasoned with mushroom soy sauce.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this bento turned out. 😀

Joel’s is a little less kyaraben-ish. I just neatly laid out all the dishes in his bento: soboro beef with baby corn, wilted spinach, leftover giniling, and tofu. img_20170129_200657


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