Bento Baon: Setsubun-themed Kyaraben

I have been seeing a lot of setsubun-themed bentos all over Instagram, so I thought I’d take a crack at it. My bento features a demon onigiri.img_20170123_204418Setsubun is a Japanese festival celebrated on February 3, which is the eve before Spring based on the Japanese lunar calendar. People would throw roasted soybeans (to those wearing an oni (demon) mask) or outside the door of their house to ward off evil ogres and invite fortune. (I didn’t inherently know all this by the way since I’m not Japanese :); I looked it all up and decided to share the information.)

The demon onigiri’s expression cracks me up haha. Looks like he’s either annoyed or in pain – which is rather funny because demons are supposed to have a scary, menacing look. img_20170123_204047I also tried making some chicken breast roll-up with okra. I’m not exactly sure what this dish is called, but I’ve been seeing a lot of thinly sliced pork and/or chicken rolled with vegetables inside.

I’m happy with how this bento turned out. I would have preferred to use a thin omelette sheet for the skirt-type garment of the demon onigiri instead of cheese, but oh well. Maybe I’ll make another setsubun-themed bento next time. 🙂img_20170123_204326






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