Bento Baon: Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Happy Friday! To cap off this particularly nerve wracking week, I prepared some spicy tuna sushi roll.img_20170119_223122 img_20170119_224406

 I made some thin sushi rolls for me and thick ones for Joel’s bento lunch. There’s also some strips of thin omelette inside the rolls.img_20170119_223046img_20170119_224331To round out our meals, I included some broccoli and cauliflower because you gotta take those veggies in.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Paper Mario Color Splash, and I finally retrieved the big red paint star in the game (it’s one of the major missions), so I thought I’d commemorate that in my bento. I eventually would like to make a Mario-themed bento, but that would require some planning to get the components. It’s in my radar though and I’ll for sure try to make it soon.img_20170119_223122Happy Friday! I’m happy to be done with this week. I had to take time off work Thursday to go to the doctor’s and I was mostly a big bundle of nerves leading up to it. Good thing it’s all done and taken care of, and I can just relax this weekend with Joel and Mugen. I cannot wait 🙂

P.S. Mugen’s head tilt is adorable. ❤



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