Bento Baon: Daruma Rooster

Today’s bento is another play on the “Year of the Rooster” theme. I already made two previously. Since I got the rest of the year to explore rooster-themed bento, I thought why not add another to my repertoire :).

This time, it’s a daruma rooster bento.img_20170117_195328

Since I have a daruma fabric I can use as a backdrop, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to try to make a rooster onigiri into a daruma! I didn’t come up with this idea; I’ve seen various interpretations of it from bento Instagrammers I follow.

First off, a daruma is a Japanese traditional good luck doll in the form of a seated potbellied Buddhist monk. I’ve always thought those daruma dolls look adorable. img_20170117_195628To be frank, this isn’t my favorite kyaraben creation. The rooster onigiri didn’t come out exactly as how I was picturing it in my head. But oh well – it still made for a tasty lunch. I like all the components I was able to incorporate in it including the deli-style roast beef that I folded three ways to make it look like a flower.img_20170117_195408



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