Bento Baon: Omurice and Gyoza

I made some healthy substitutions in the omurice and gyoza in Joel’s and my bentos.img_20170115_211032Here’s what they are: riced cauliflower and sriracha tuna hidden beneath the thin omelette sheet for the omurice; and ground chicken breast and mushrooms (mostly mushrooms) as gyoza filling. 🙂img_20170115_210841It makes me feel good that we’re starting this work week with healthy lunch meals, especially after kind of bingeing on sugar (*hangs head in shame*) this weekend.

I cooked the riced cauliflower with the usual fried rice fixins: carrots, peas, corn, and sesame oil. I did add some of the Sriracha tuna that I made previously, so it gave it a nice kick. As for the gyoza, like I previously mentioned, it’s ground chicken, but it’s mostly mushrooms and minced carrots and green onions.

The bees are a last-minute addition just to make the bentos more decorative and kyaraben-ish – not my favorite, but it’s kinda cute, especially one of the bees’ expressions lol; It cracks me up that the antennas look more like angry eyebrows haha. I amuse myself rather easily. img_20170115_210900

Happy Monday!



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