Bento Baon: Quick and Easy

On busy weeknights, I like to resort to non-kyaraben bentos.img_20170112_205240

From the flower-shaped carrots down to the tuna soboro, everything has been prepared previously, so all I needed to do was assemble everything neatly in my bento.

This bento is a hodgepodge of food items, but everything comes together nicely. I’m not really one to feel icky about different types of food touching together; I try not to let too saucy and wet foods touch the dry ones though, and the lettuce and even the broccoli really aid as a good divider.

Here are the full list of items in my bento: rice, tuna soboro sprinkled with furikake, soy-braised chicken, the last of my ajitsuke tamago, and vegetables.img_20170112_205045Happy Friday!


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