Bento Baon: Simple Yet Teeming with Flavors

Today’s bento is quite straightforward yet with an assortment of flavors.img_20170110_220801

There’s no elaborate positioning and placing of foods in my bento – just a simple spread of everything I’ve prepared.

I still wanted it to look quite pretty though. The only difficulty I’ve encountered is making sure everything’s leveled; there’s a little bit of rice at the bottom to help me with that. However, I didn’t want to put too much because although I didn’t count the calories for this meal, I wanted to make sure it’s still not too much for me. Looking at it though, perhaps it’s still a bit too much food for lunch. Oh well, I can save some for dinner if I don’t finish it.

Here are the food items in my bento: Deli-style roast beef (cut and folded to look like a flower), ajitsuke tamago (Japanese soft-boiled egg), raw broccoli and carrots, thin egg strips, and tuna soboro.img_20170110_220631



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