Bento Baon: Three Little Chicks

These three little chicks are adorably sitting on a nest of pancit bihon.img_20170109_231439I have some leftover pancit bihon, and I already knew I wanted to make use of it in my bento. For this one, I tried to make the pancit look like a nest where three chicks made of tamagoyaki are resting on top. Also, since it’s the year of the rooster in the Chinese zodiac, this bento kind of fits within that theme; albeit these chicks aren’t roosters yet lol. img_20170109_231516I’ve been seeing a lot of Year of the Rooster-themed bentos all over Instagram, and it’s quite nice to see different creative interpretations of it. I also made a Year of the Rooster bento previously with an onigiri, and I’m happy to have created another one quite related to it with this bento. img_20170109_231439


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