Bento Baon: Never Enough Broccoli

If you think there is too much broccoli in these bentos, it’s probably because there is too much broccoli in these bentos…img_20170104_200941

That’s okay. I do love me some broccoli. And I put little cheese slices, so when these lunches are re-heated in the microwave, the cheese will melt in the broccoli making it extra delicious.img_20170104_200951There’s some nori tamagoyaki and fried rice in our bentos. I also put a few pieces of Chinese chorizo (or Chinese sausage) on the bed of fried rice. These may seem like simple bentos, but I’m sure they’ll pack a punch with flavor. 🙂 I’m excited for lunch.

And this is the furoshiki I’m using. I’m not exactly sure what Japanese gods this cloth is depicting, but they sure look majestic.img_20170104_201002


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