Bento Baon: Year of the Rooster

After a short hiatus, I’m back with a bento baon to welcome the year of the rooster.img_20170102_203426I think this little rooster rice ball came out quite adorable. There’s no filling in the onigiri; I just mainly seasoned it with salt. img_20170102_203452I don’t have a lot of prepped side dishes for this week. Good thing I got some bags of frozen vegetables ready that I can just pop in the microwave to fill my bento with.

Aside from the onigiri, I packed a small slice of the banana bread I baked in my bento and I’m quite excited about that. 🙂 It’s going to be something nice to look forward to at my first lunch break at work for the year. I’m excited to go back to work but anxious and dreading it at the same time, which I think is pretty normal.

I also got some new furoshiki for Christmas from my husband, and I’ll be using one of my new ones for tomorrow’s bento. img_20170102_203525img_20170102_204058

Happy 2017! Here’s to more creative bento meals!


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