Bento Baon: Sausage Aliens

In all of my bento-making ventures, I have never tried making the ubiquitous sausage alien character, a popular bento filler. Not that I thought it wasn’t adorable or anything like that – I just never got around to incorporating it in my bento.

But alas, the day has finally arrived when the sausage aliens have made its presence felt upon my and Joel’s bento. img_20161212_201342I used a Filipino hotdog brand to make the sausage aliens.  I sliced a hotdog in half diagonally and made cuts for the hands and legs before pan frying the pieces. img_20161212_193425To make the sausage aliens extra kawaii, I used my adorable eye food picks; I thought they came out really cute! 🙂img_20161212_200905I packed quite a few leftovers in our bento lunches: leftover fried cauliflower rice, leftover roasted bell peppers from dinner, and leftover baby broccoli normandy blend. I also made nori tamagoyaki. The black nori swirls were supposed to come out cleaner than what I achieved; I didn’t do a very good job on that. Nonetheless, I thought the funky, misshapen swirls came out rather eclectic and jived quite well with the sausage aliens 🙂 or so I’d like to believe.

I also added some ham and cheese rolls and hard-boiled egg (split it between Joel’s and my bento).

I packed more broccoli in my bento because yay for more vegetables.img_20161212_201045Joel’s has more of the tamagoyaki because, well, he needs more protein than I do lol.img_20161212_201121


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