Bento Baon: Panda and Bunny Omurice

It’s an omurice-inspired bento for Joel’s and my lunches to usher in a new week.img_20161211_210115I say “omurice-inspired” because it’s actually not fried rice hiding underneath those omelette sheets – I used riced cauliflower instead.

I sauteed the cauli-rice in a little bit of sesame oil and added the usual fried rice fixins: peas, carrots, and corn. I also seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper.

Joel’s bento is the bunny omelette one. There are also some sugar snap peas, kabocha, pork meatballs, ham and cheese rolls, and broccoli normandy blend in there. img_20161211_205855It’s the same food items in my bento, but I have the panda omelette one.img_20161211_205921Happy Monday!img_20161211_205748


3 thoughts on “Bento Baon: Panda and Bunny Omurice

    1. Thank you for the nice words! I love your blog as well! Lots of wonderful dinner ideas that I cannot wait to try making myself. 😀

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