Bento Baon: Busy Bees 2.0

I have made another variation of my previous busy bees bento. Thus, here’s my busy bees bento 2.0 featuring good ‘ole hard-boiled egg.img_20161207_210356It was easier to make the bees this time around because I just put nori cutouts to add the details on a hard-boiled egg yolk that I sliced in half – instead of making a whole tamagoyaki in my previous busy bees bento.img_20161207_210212I also made a quick norimaki flower. I seasoned the rice with a little bit of salmon furikake. The vegetable items in my bento are celery sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli, and some okra; the rest of the okra pieces are in the top tier of my bento – they didn’t make it in my bento decorating process. I included a roll of swiss cheese and thinly sliced brown sugar ham as well.img_20161207_210222screenshot_20161208-072240

Overall, I loved making this bento. I also successfully logged it in my calorie counting app, so that makes me feel extra great!

I did make Joel’s bento lunch, but it’s not decorative as this one, and I wasn’t able to take a photo! =/ It did include the same components, but his had some chicken adobo – can’t wait to have that for my  bento lunch tomorrow (and maybe even dinner tonight).


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