Bento Baon: Most Excited About the Okra in My Bento

I’ve managed to pack a lot of my favorite things in this bento, but I have to say, the food I’m most eager to eat is the okra!img_20161205_202706

I remember eating okra in sinigang and pinakbet (two of my favorite Filipino dishes), and I’ve always really liked it even as a kid. Some may be put off by it because of the sliminess; for someone not familiar with okra, I can understand why it may seem unappetizing. img_20161205_202719I got a bag of frozen okra from the store a while ago, and I’m glad to finally incorporate it in my baon. For my bento, I simply sauteed the okra in a little bit of Knorr liquid seasoning. I should have used bagoong instead (shrimp paste), but oh well, I have some kalabasa (kabocha) and green beans (not the Asian long beans AKA sitaw, unfortunately), and I’m planning to make some pinakbet very sooooon! It’s going to be delicious.

To make my bento a bit more kawaii, I made a cute little onigiri and some triangle-shaped tamagoyaki.  img_20161205_202713The other items in my bento are ground beef seasoned with some Mexican spices, leftover baked spicy potato wedges, and carrots and celery sticks. I also have some roasted garlic hummus (not pictured) to dip the vegetables sticks in. img_20161205_202907And here’s Joel’s less-kawaii bento baon yet still chock-full of deliciousness. 🙂img_20161205_203031


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