Bento Baon: Panda and Piggy Onigiri

I can’t decide which one of these onigiri is cuter. The panda? The piggy? One thing’s for sure, I had a lot of fun making this bento!img_20161130_194635

Oh and to answer my own question: it’s both haha.img_20161130_194505Yep, definitely both. 😀img_20161130_194521It might seem silly and this may come off as me patting myself on the back for making something “good,” but I swear it’s just that I can’t get enough of kawaii food and making bento! And I am so glad I get to do it as a hobby. It seriously has become like a passion project every day, and I always look forward to exploring what other creations I can come up with. 🙂

The other items in my bento are stir fried lotus root, mung bean sprouts, tofu, and carrots. There are also some baked lotus root chips at the top.img_20161130_194635




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