Bento Baon: Ladybug Bento

I’m back at it with a ladybug bento.img_20161129_210537

I didn’t mean to take a hiatus from bento-making. I was still bringing lunches to work (as proofed by my previous post) – my lunches just weren’t kyaraben/decoben worthy.

I thought I’d keep it easy and simple with this ladybug bento. I cut off the ends of a TJ (Tender Juicy; Filipino brand) hotdog and stuck some round nori cut-outs onto them. The hotdog ladybugs are sitting on a bed of ginisang toge (stir-fried mung bean sprouts).img_20161129_210423I meant to do a full flower norimaki, but I ran out a “petals.” I put some rolled-up thin pastrami and turkey deli meat in the middle of the flower norimaki.img_20161129_210444


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