Bento Baon: Put Smiley Faces on All the Things

I know some people are weirded out by their food  “looking back at them” lol, but to be honest, it’s not the case for me. img_20161114_211217OK, let me clear that up. I’m not talking about live animals per se, that’s quite wild (no pun intended.) I’m referring to these:img_20161114_210830img_20161114_210844There was no planning whatsoever when I went on ahead and made my bento for today. I just knew I had some yellow, orange, and red bell peppers that I wanted to somehow incorporate and I had one Vigan longganisa left that I really needed to eay before it went bad.

I love that this bento is very colorful. I’m not sure yet if I love that it’s rice-less lol, but I know it’s good for me. I’ll mostly have my rice for the day later at dinner; I’m planning to make some General Tso’s chicken and teriyaki salmon – two entrees, yes – but we’re not eating all of those in one meal lol; some are going to be for lunches. Aside from the longganisa and tamagoyaki, the other items in my bento are the cabbage, carrot and mushroom stir-fry that I made as well as the peppers.img_20161114_211135


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