Bento Baon: Piggies Onigiri

I have been wanting to make a kyaraben (character bento) made out of adorable little pigs, and that day has finally come.img_20161107_195849I mixed in some tomato ketchup with the rice to make  the rice balls a bit pinkish. I also used bits of a turkey deli meat slice for the ears and snouts. img_20161107_195737Another side dish in my bento is the vegetable lumpia (spring roll) I previously made a huge batch of; I love how I can make a bunch and just store them in the freezer. The filling consists of toge (mung bean sprouts,) red cabbage, carrots, potatoes, green onions, and tofu. There’s also some stir-fried bean sprouts, sayote (chayote), carrots, and red bell peppers in there.img_20161107_195750I’m rather pleased with how this bento turned out! It also didn’t take me as long to make since I already have everything ready. 🙂img_20161107_195932


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