Bento Baon: Flower Omurice

This is a quick Friday bento baon that I whipped up.img_20161103_204349To make the omelette, I used one egg and separated the yolk from the white. I cooked the yolk on low heat. Once it set, I took it off the pan and used one of my flower cutters to cut out the shapes. I put it back in the pan, filled the holes with the egg white and just let it cook on low heat. I finished it off with some black sesame seeds and sriracha dots.img_20161103_204401As for the actual filling, I didn’t cook the rice with ketchup (as what you do with a traditional omurice). It’s actually just garlic fried rice and cauliflower fried rice – yep, I totally jumped on the cauliflower rice train. It’s actually not that bad. Cauliflower has a neutral taste, so you can pretty much season it with anything. I do not have a food processor though, so prepping it is a bit of a pain, but I’m planning too just get a bunch, chop them all up on like a Sunday when I prep all my cooking for the week, and freeze them.

I also had some extra flower-shaped carrots so I added them in my bento, along with some toge (mung bean sprouts) stir-fry.img_20161103_204408Happy Friday!




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