Bento Baon: Busy Bees

Buzzz… buzzz… buzzzz… Make way for the busy bees.img_20161101_203359For today’s bento, I transformed tamagoyaki into these adorable little bees.img_20161101_203407

The tamagoyaki bees are sitting atop a stir fry of toge (mung bean sprouts), carrots, red bell peppers, and some fried tofu. I also added some raw broccoli and flower-shaped carrots on the side.img_20161101_203637I love this quick bento! And it’s riceless, too! I’m planning to save up my calories for dinner later with some Spam fried rice – really have a strong craving for it and my stomach just made an audible growl!

Joel’s bento lunch has the same components as mine, except he doesn’t get tamagoyaki bees. I also gave him some of the carrot scraps lol – it’s still delicious and I’m sure he doesn’t mind :D. img_20161101_204233





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