Bento Baon: Happy Halloween!

As much as I love preparing bento, I have never made a special occasion one – which is a big trend among bento makers. I thought I’d break that streak by preparing a Halloween kyaraben.

To prepare for that, I even digitally sketched out a plan in my handy dandy Google Keep app. 😀img_20161031_171108_791Here’s what I came up with:img_20161031_121052It didn’t go exactly as how it appeared in my sketch (which I’m still amused with lol – I suppose I have become that kind of bento maker – no regrets!). I did manage to get the main items down: the cat onigiri, norimaki ghosts, and the hard-boiled egg jack-o-lanterns.

Speaking of the hard-boiled egg, at the last minute I decided to shape the egg into a flower using the skewer method. I’m happy to say that it looks a little less like an amoeba this time and more of an actual flower shape. Yay for progress!img_20161031_120855I also stir fried some toge (mung bean sprouts), red bell pepper, carrots, and chayote with some leftover fried tofu. I seasoned it with a little bit of fish sauce, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. I love this quick ginisang gulay (stir fried vegetables) recipe.  img_20161031_121330This bento is heavier on the rice than my usual bento lunches, but I didn’t want to pass up on creating the cat onigiri and norimaki ghosts; with this being a special occasion Halloween bento, I wanted all those components in my bento box. I’m happy with how they turned out! Good news is this was still a Meatless Monday bento, so that makes me extra glad!img_20161031_120819



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