Bento Baon: Rilakkuma and Friends

I was pretty directionless when I went on ahead and prepared my bento last night. All I wanted was to make sure I use the bear rice mold I got a few weeks ago.

Thus, I came up with a Rilakkuma and friends kyaraben.img_20161026_202435

 I didn’t work with freshly cooked rice so it was a bit of a challenge shaping the rice. Thank goodness for the rice mold the rice held its shape together nicely. It was later on that I decided that instead of making regular bear faces, I thought I’d make them look somewhat like Rilakkuma and Korilakkumaimg_20161026_202119img_20161026_202114I’m not super familiar with these Japanese characters, but I do know that they are always accompanied by a little yellow bird called Kiiroitori. I thought I’d use a hard-boiled egg to create him to make the trio complete.img_20161026_202125The other items in my bento are some turkey deli meat and pastrami, broccoli, asparagus, and kabocha. What makes it even more awesome is this meal is only 250 calories! Yay. 🙂img_20161026_202218



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