Bento Baon: Panda Sushi Roll Bento

It’s another kawaii kyaraben for today’s bento baon featuring panda sushi rolls!

First and foremost, I’d like to say – for the record – that Joel and I did commit to Meatless Monday (and Tuesday! Albeit Tuesday’s dinner did include some tasty tocino #noregrets) for our meals. ­čÖé

Now,┬áthat’s out of the way, I’d like to talk about these adorable panda sushi rolls.┬áPandas are a popular design when making decorative bento (decoben). I thought I’d take a crack at it with these panda sushi rolls.img_20161025_205323┬áI simply wrapped the sushi rice in nori, rolled it in a ┬álog shape, and cut into four segments. As for the faces, I used my nori punchers to cut out the eyes and the ears, black sesame seeds for the nose, and small strips of nori for the mouth. I thought they came out quite adorable – especially when I added little pink bow ties on them hah! ­čÖé

Another item in my bento that I’m particularly excited about is the┬átamagoyaki shaped like a triangle onigiri complete with a little nori strip! I cooked the tamagoyaki the usual way and as soon as it was off the pan (while it’s still hot, so it’s easily pliable), I used my bamboo sushi mat to shape it into a triangle.img_20161025_205340The top tier of my bento consists of the “food scraps” that didn’t make it in my bento decorating process but are already accounted for in the┬ácalorie breakdown for this meal. Yup, still counting and logging calories hah!img_20161025_205520




I┬ádid prepare Joel’s lunch as well. His meal consists of leftover cauliflower fried rice from dinner (yes, I hopped on the cauli-rice train and I’m freaking glad I did!), some teriyaki chicken meatballs, and tamagoyaki.


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