Bento Baon: Another Norimaki Flower

I welcome Friday with another norimaki flower in my bento baon lunch.img_20161020_205246

This time, I put a “flower egg” in the center of it as opposed to deli meat and lettuce in the norimaki flower I’ve previously made. I mixed some salmon furikake and minced carrots in my rice before forming in into little raindrops (or teardrops). img_20161020_205154I also cut up a Vigan longganisa to fit into my bento. I got a pack of it at the Asian store. I’m really hoping it’s good. I’ve had the real thing when my family and I went to Ilocos, and it was so delicious with garlic fried rice and a sunny side up egg.img_20161020_205226I also packed some of the leftover spinach and mushrooms that I cooked in ponzu sauce (so delicious with a little bit of minced garlic and ginger!) and added some shredded carrots and imitation crab meat in there.

I’m going to assume you’re wondering what I put in the top tier of my bento. Since I’m trying to keep my portions in check, I usually just put the scraps of food that didn’t make it in my decorating process. Those are still accounted for though when I log my food entries in my calorie counter app, so it’s all good. img_20161020_205306

As for Joel’s bento, I made him another nori wrap. He doesn’t seem to be complaining even though I’ve already made this for him three days in a row. This time, I added an egg and some pastrami and also packed some mushrooms and spinach for him.

img_20161020_205439I’m looking forward to being more creative when I pack our lunches – not just decorating-wise but also health-wise. It’s our grocery day today so I’m excited to get a lot of good stuff! Happy Friday from this side of the globe!




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