Bento Baon: Gudetama Onigiri

Aaah, another Gudetama bento. Out of all the characters Japan has came up with, Gudetama is one of those I’m most fascinated with. I mean, it’s an adorable-looking, bright yellow egg with a crippling depression, lol. Talk about an oxymoron. I’m not going to dissect the inner workings behind Gudetama’s creation. No, not today. Rather, I’m here to share my Gudetama onigiri bento baon.


I have made a Gudetama onigirazu for a previous bento baon. This time, I tried to make it a bit more elaborate in the form of an onigiri. To make the rice yellow, I mixed in the yolk from a hard-boiled egg with the rice. I put the top half of the hard-boiled egg on top of Gudetama’s head as a silly little hat, and it just makes me giggle every time I look at it lol.


I also packed a couple of my homemade pork and shrimp siomai (or shumai) in my bento that I’m quite excited about, along with some kabocha and broccoli and carrots.


As for Joel’s bento, I made him another one of my nori wraps, but I didn’t take any pictures of it – d’oh! I got frustrated because I messed it the first time so I had to redo the rolling. Oh well. I still made sure it was delicious though and upped the amount of fillings.

Here’s a bonus picture of Mugen checking out my bento. 🙂


Gude gude. T_T




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