Bento Baon: Norimaki Flower

I have been planning on creating a flower-shaped norimaki, and I’m really pleased with how my creation turned out.


screenshot_20161019-083815I peruse Instagram a lot (more than I need to lol), to look through tons and tons of bento creations. I love going through the #bento (and other variations) hashtags and finding inspiration from other bento makers, and most of them are Japanese. Unfortunately I can’t read what they usually write, and I feel like I’m missing out lol. Sometimes there would be a “See Translation” option on some of the posts, but that’s quite rare, and even then more often than not the translations don’t make any sense.

Here’s a screenshot of the hashtag I’ve seen floating around within the bento community on Instagram. Seeing those pictures was what prompted me to recreate the norimaki flower as I thought it looked really pretty. Good thing I found this tutorial (I love that website!) for the teardrop-shaped sushi roll that was really easy to follow.

Here’s my version of it.


I rolled up some pastrami and ham to put in the center of the flower. I thought of using a sheet of omelette, but I opted to pack a hard-boiled egg for my bento instead. The other items in my bento are some stir-fried red bell peppers, green beans, and cauliflowers, kabocha, and turkey and cheese roll.

Joel’s bento, on the other hand, is not as pretty. Due to his bad cholesterol levels, we’re trying to limit his consumption of white rice. Although not as visually-appealing, I made sure his lunch is chock-full of the good stuff! I put some baked chicken thighs that I marinated in ponzu sauce, garlic, and ginger, kabocha, and some cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, and water chestnuts.



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