Pad See Ew + Chow Fun = Noodle Deliciousness

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on Thai and Chinese cooking. But since I’m from the same region as the Thais and (some of the) Chinese, I’d like to believe that I have a basic understanding of how they meld flavors together.

Thus, here’s my first attempt at Pad See Ew/Chow Fun.


I’ve been all about chowing down noodles lately (as evident from my crispy pancit canton kitchen adventure). If I’m not doing CICO I would definitely be all about noodles and rice lol. However, I’m really close to achieving my target weight, and I’d like to be at the lower end of my BMI – which by the way is normal now 😀 albeit still at the higher range.

Nonetheless, I still allow myself certain indulgences; I just have to be mindful of portions and be cautious of what to consume.

Let’s break down the similarities between Pad See Ew and Chow Fun (aside from the main thing being they’re both absolutely delicious and easy noodle stir-fry dishes): 1) thick white rice noodles; 2) sweet and savory dark sauce; 3) and both can be made with your choice of protein.

As for vegetable ingredients, Pad See Ew has Chinese broccoli while Chow Fun makes use of some green onions and fresh mung bean sprouts (we call it “toge” in Filipino.) You also scramble an egg with Pad See Ew.

As for my version, I used tofu and chicken, bok choy, toge, and scrambled egg. I also followed this recipe.

I have an electric stove, but I think I still managed to get the wonderful wok hei flavor. My apartment smelled like a legit Chinese restaurant as I was cooking it, but I had to make sure to watch the fire alarm since I had my stove up on high.

For the purposes of blogging, my only regret was not taking enough pictures as I was cooking this noodle dish. As for everything else, I was quite proud of how this noodle dish turned out – especially since it was my first time making it. I was actually reading up on techniques to do it to avoid pitfalls and errors and such. And as far as my kitchen adventures go, this is definitely one for the books. 🙂




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