Bento Baon: Meatless (and Riceless) Monday

I’m not quite sure yet if I want Meatless Monday to be a regular thing, but it doesn’t hurt to lessen our intake of red meat and carbs from here on out.


Also, Joel and I got our results from the doctor’s when we had our general physical check up a while back. While mine looked good overall, Joel’s showed that his bad cholesterol levels are quite high.We’re kind of confused by that because we have been running five days a week and definitely not eating as much junk (as your average person). We’re wondering if it’s familial in his case, and it definitely raised some concerns.

We do have a game plan; we’ve been reading up on the subject a lot. And since I’m in charge of the kitchen, I’ll certainly be more diligent when it comes to making sure we are eating right.

One thing’s for sure, I’m extremely glad Joel sets a good example for me when it comes to being fit and healthy. If it wasn’t for his support, I would have just continued being overweight, not physically active, and not be mindful of what I eat. I’m extra glad because since America is the Land of the Excess, it would have been really easy for me to just eat badly here resulting to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle – what with the easy availability of excessive amounts of processed food and sugars.


Our lunches consist of an assortment of vegetables, along with a hard-boiled egg.


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