Crispy Pancit Canton

I’ve been craving for a good noodle dish (specifically pan-fried noodles) for the longest time, and I finally satisfied that yearning at dinner tonight.


This dish is pancit canton, only the noodles are fried until crispy, creating a bed for the thick, savory sauce made with an assortment of vegetables and meat. Wherein in regular pancit canton, you toss the noodles with the vegetables and meat in the delicious sauce.

  1. I used a popular Filipino brand canton noodles. I fried half of what was in the package in about 1 -1/2 cup of canola oil. img_20161011_171551img_20161011_172838After about two to three minutes of frying, I set it on a rack to let out the excess oil.img_20161011_173811
  2. Since this is a stir-fry dish, I made sure to have all my mise en place ready. So even before cooking the noodles, I prepped every ingredient I needed in this dish, which are: shrimp, garlic, onion, carrots, red bell pepper, chayote, baby corn, and bok choy. After stirring everything together (I started with garlic and onion and tossed in the shrimp, followed by the vegetables one by one starting from the darkest to the lightest in color),  I added the bok choy last along with the Mama Sita’s pancit canton mix. I did cheat there with the instant pancit canton mix, but I do love that stuff; it tastes quite authentic.img_20161011_180138
  3. To add more depth to the sauce, I added some oyster sauce and five spice powder, also as suggested by the Panlasang Pinoy website. I’ve never seasoned pancit canton with five spice powder before, and I gotta say it did elevate the taste; I loved it.   img_20161011_175718
  4.  Calamansi is hard to come by where I live, and you gotta have some when eating some pancit. I do have some the frozen variety though. I opened one of the small packages and sprinkled some calamansi drops onto the sauce. img_20161011_180441
  5. I placed the fried noodles on a plate and ladled out the pancit canton sauce and vegetables on top of it. I also made some hard-boiled eggs and chopped up some green onions to serve with it. And it’s done! 😀 Joel doesn’t eat shrimp (I know, what a weirdo lol; no worries, more shrimp for me!), so I topped his plate off with some chopped up roasted chicken thighs that I previously made. He said it was delicious. And I wholeheartedly agree. ^__^img_20161011_181243

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