Bento Baon: Happy Mushroom Onigiri

I made some happy mushroom onigiri decoben for Tuesday’s baon. img_20161010_205037

Mugen kept me company in the kitchen (as always) when I was preparing our lunches. So naturally, he wanted to inspect the finished product. 🙂


It was really fun to make! The only slight difficulty I encountered was cutting out the nori. I did use my punchers, but I wanted to make the mouths a bit thinner. I tried using my kitchen shears, but they weren’t small enough to cut out the shapes I preferred. No matter, I thought the faces came out great anyhow. 🙂 To achieve the reddish/orange color of the mushroom heads, I mixed in some of the chicken afritada sauce I made over the weekend.

I spilled a bit of the homemade teriyaki sauce I made onto one of the mushroom onigiri as I was spreading some of it onto the chicken. Joel helped me remedy it by scooping out the stained rice bits and arranging the grains to show the whites. He then spread some mayonnaise onto the area. You can still see where it got stained, but I think it looks OK.


The other mushroom onigiri sticking out its tongue was a last minute addition! I thought it looked adorable! 😀 It took several nori cut-outs for me to figure out how best the mouth would look, but I finally got it after attempt #4 I think. I also used one of my deco cutters to cut out the tongue out of a piece of turkey deli meat.


Here’s Joel’s and my bento individually packed. Each rice ball (including the mushroom “heads”) is 1/4 cup of rice. The other items in our bento include: carrot and spinach tamagoyaki, baked chicken thighs (in Joel’s bento), some broccoli, and some potatoes and carrots from the chicken afritada I made. img_20161010_210156



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