Bento Baon: Piggy Onigiri

It’s piggies for our bento baon!


These piggies aren’t as kawaii as I had envisioned them to be, but I’m still quite happy with how this kyaraben turned out.

I got a late start last night preparing our lunches because Joel and I watched this really good South Korean action movie after dinner (no, not Train to Busan – we did see that recently and it was fantastic) called A Bittersweet Life. It stars the same actor guy from two of our favorite Korean action movies, I Saw the Devil and The Good, The Bad, The Weird. And upon further research, I learned those movies were directed and written by the same guy (not the main actor)! No wonder they’re all brilliant.

Anyway, onto my bento creation.

Honestly I’m considering investing in more punchers/cutters to cut out the exact shapes I want out of cheeses, deli meats, etc. when I make kyarabens. Haha yes I’m serious in my bento game.

I used a clean bottle cap to cut out the circle shape out of the turkey deli meat for the pig’s face and a knife and scissors for the other bits I needed. But as you can see, the edges aren’t neat. It also took me longer to get the shapes I wanted. So yeah, deco cutters: to buy or not to buy. I know they are pretty inexpensive, but since we’re going to be moving to a far, far away land fairly soon, Joel and I are restricting ourselves from accumulating too much stuff – may it be big or small!


Anyway, onto my bento creation. Man, this post is getting too wordy for my liking.

I rolled a stick of imitation crab in tamagoyaki. I’ve seen that in many bento (also topped with black sesame seeds), so I thought I’d recreate it myself. Considering I don’t have an actual tamagoyaki pan, I think it came out pretty good; although I would have wanted a tighter roll.


I packed one onigiri each for Joel and me, along with more vegetables (shredded carrots and chayote with mushrooms) in our separate lunch containers (not pictured).


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